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Hedayati: In Texas death row case, punishment does not fit crime

Federal judicial vacancies in Texas still an emergency

Book Review: Wars of plunder: Conflicts, Profits and the Politics of Resources (2012)

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March against the death penalty 10/21/2009

Reform financial aid 9/01/2009

Weed out the drug war 2/09/2009


All vets deserve care 11-10-2008

Wither Capital Punishment – The Nation 11-09-2008

Equal debate (on opening the presidential debates) 10-10-2008

No moratorium on the death penalty’s flaws 9-2-2008

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National neglect and our death penalty struggle June 9, 2008

Think twice about Lehmberg April 8, 2008

Party later; change the world now March 6, 2008

Rick Reed best choice for district attorney 2/25/2008 (Alt Link)

Texas Democratic Party shames itself again 1/17/2008 (Alt link 1) (Alt Link 2)


Save Rodney Reed December 11, 2007

Today’s legal lynchings 12/07/2007

Killer Keller must resign October 18, 2007

Firing Line: Texas needs mentally ill care April 20, 2007

Gonzalez needs to show candor
April 10, 2007
Alberto Gonzalez promised fairness in 2005 when he faced confirmation hearings. He was not candid then, and he is not candid today.

Resolution affronts academic freedom —’s Top 10 for 03/26/2007  Texan link
Elizabeth Young of Young Conservatives of Texas responds: “Environments of fear at UT

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Firing Line: Iran, U.S. censoring Iranians March 1, 2007


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