Keller needs to go

First published by The Daily Texan on March 4, 2009

In 2007, I was one of the 1,900 people and several groups who filed a judicial complaint against Judge Sharon Keller. I waited, somewhat impatiently, 15 months until the State Commission on Judicial Conduct finally charged Keller with misconduct last week. Now, I believe Keller should be suspended from office pending the outcome of her upcoming public trial. Rule 15(b) of the Procedural Rules for Removal or Retirement of Judges on the web site of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct allows the commission to request that the Supreme Court of Texas suspend a judge until the formal proceedings, which include a public trial, are complete and the Commission votes to dismiss the case, issue a public censure or recommend to the Supreme Court that Keller be removed from office.

If the commission refuses to do so, the Texas House should pass HR 480 filed by Rep. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, to create a Special Committee on Impeachment for “gross neglect of duty and willful disregard for human life.” If she is impeached by the House, she is automatically suspended pending the outcome of her Senate trial.

Hooman Hedayati
Government senior
Campaign to End the Death Penalty

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